God can dream a bigger dream

It has been about seven weeks since I had reconstructive foot surgery on my left foot and a sundry of emotions have visited my home during this time.  It has been a “ME” period.  Why me?  Whoa is me? Help me? Not me? Me too?  This is all but peppered with brief cries throughout the day.  Between email checks, HGTV, local news, Young and the Restless (Yes, it’s true), writing, and rooting for O-baby, and navigating a 16-year old son for success, I have been soul searching, thinking about how I want to live the rest of my life.  

When you hit forty, there is for(k) in the road, hence middle age I guess, where you keep going in the same direction you were going the first forty, or you change directions.  Well guess what, you already know the answer – I am going in the other direction.  I realize I want a more fulfilling career and I want family around me – whatever that means.  While I want to be in media and do some rewarding work, I don’t want that to be the center of my existence.  I want to come home to good vibes, good people, good love and good food.  

After I graduated from college at 40, I thought I was dreaming the impossible – going into television.  Until I came across Barbara Boyd, who was the first African American anchor in Indiana in the 60s.  She went on to have a fulfilling career for the next 25 years.  I “googled” Mrs. Boyd until I found a phone – it’s the ever-digging journalist in me.  I spoke to her and then I sent her a beautiful card to let her know, I was bonafide.  She finally called me back and we spoke for about 90 minutes.  I still remember that conversation.  So my friends, I wasn’t dreaming the impossible because somebody had already done it.  But Oprah said it best, God can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself.  I’m looking forward to the progressive reinvention of my life consider all the good things I want to include in it.  Thank you Barbara for opening the doors.