Day 7 of January 2009

Today is a tough day. Thankful but dreading going to work. First day of school and I have two evening classes this semester. However, I did an hour on the elliptical trainer. Burned 569 calories and walked 3.5 miles according to the reader. It’s a new day and 13 days until Inauguration Day. Ah!! the sound of it President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.


Day 6 of January 2009

Overslept this morning. After I awoke from a bad dream around 4 am. I got on the computer until I finally felt sleepy again. I hit my snooze button twice to avoid the 5:15 am alarm. I woke up at 9:04 am to be exact so I couldn’t work out this morning. I was nervous about deciding to work out in the evening because something inevitably or conveniently comes up and I end up not working out in the evening.   But surprisingly, enough I did work out this evening for an hour on the elliptical trainer to the tune of Countdown with Keith Olberman. Not exactly my finger-snapping motivating IPOD playlist but instead I sweated to the sundry of political facts from the Roland Burris debacle to the Blair House snub. Hurry up, Bush and WALK to Dallas. Change we can believe, feel and touch is in the White House effective January 20, 2009 – Thank You Mr. President Obama.

My esthetician proudly said she didn’t vote for President Elect Obama and I decided to take the high road and not actualize the balloon over my head with the words in it and comeback with a clever oneliner that might have gone like this, “That’s ok, we outnumbered you obviously.”  Needless to say, she did have a needle in her hand.  So wisdom ruled and I let her have her moment, although she believes Obama is going to do some magnaminous things.  I think so too.

Day 4 of January, 2009

Happy New Year. It’s our time in 2009. I couldn’t resist a slogan.   Here’s to a new commitment to fitness and health.  Oprah fell off the wagon and so did I. I was a true fitness buff until I had foot surgery, broke up with my boyfriend, was severely in need of more stimulating work and took three classes towards my Masters. I was in need of some major body work. I have recommitted my sound body and mind to working out – a new commitment to health and fitness. I have been exercising every day since January 1st.  This is day four and I found something that will be fun and easy to stick with – the elliptical machine. I get a low-impact workout and I can dance to a variety of music.  Snapping your fingers and balancing on the machine also works the core muscles too. Whee! here we go again and it’s going to be fun 🙂