The Look in Her Eyes

The other day I was shopping with my sister with the initial intent of purchasing a blouse that I saw at another store.  They didn’t have the blouse and so the focus turned to my sister who was in need of some new things.  While I was talking to my salesperson Stephanie, a woman came toward us.  She was beautiful but yet there was a look in her eyes that I knew all too well.  As she passed us, I complimented her.  She was appreciative despite how depressed she felt because she had gained weight and was leaving the store empty-handed.  At that point, I simply hugged her with the hopes of comforting her.  I saw the tired look in her eyes and I remembered that look because I once had that look.  At one time I was disgusted and depressed – not clinically speaking, but I was there at one time.   One of the other trainers asked me if I was transforming myself because he noticed I had lost a huge amount of weight.  I chuckled and replied with an unequivocal “yes.” Sure, he saw the transformation on the outside but it really began on the inside when I made up my mind that I was too fabulous for this.  This, meaning remaining unhappy in a dead-end career and unhappy with myself.  A few days later I can still see that woman’s face in my mind and I pray she finds the courage to transform herself from the inside out and become who she really desires to be – whatever size that is.  Everyone’s journey is different but we always encounter those people on r to encourage us to keep it moving towards our destined greatness.  As far as the look in my eyes today, I’m mastering smiling with my eyes (I would make Tyra Banks proud) not as a forced gesture but by allowing myself to move towards the things that I love and the thing that make me happy.  Hence, there is life in my countenance and light in my eyes.  Do I have it all figured out?  Nope, but  I’ve given myself permission to see me the way God sees me – fearfully and wonderfully made.   At this stage in my life, I’m learning to own who and what He created me to be as to be anything less than that would be an insult to His handiwork.

Slim Chick signing off.


The Power of Tiny Goals

A week ago, I posted  some of my mini fitness goals on my facebook wall.  They were to be able to push a 25-lb. plate around the track (great for lower body strength) and being able to jump rope non-stop for 10 mins.  I even found a video of a fitness competitor doing some cool moves with the jump rope.  I wondered if those were frivolous goals because they certainly didn’t rank with the goals of solving world peace or world hunger.   Then I reassured myself that it’s the tiny goals you reach that make up the sum of who you are and lead to reaching even greater goals.  A lot of times when I’m training with my trainer, I want to stop (and a lot of times I do stop  – LOL!!!), but I keep striving towards the tiny goals  and then once I reach them (like being able to balance myself on a BOSU and do squats with weights in my Powerflex Class), I feel good about me and my abilities to set more goals and accomplish them.  It’s all about the journey of growth and we do it at different levels.  That’s what I like about my Cardio Circuit Class.  I am as graceful as I am goofy when it comes to coordinated moves.  When we are doing the step portions, I get all turned around but the instructor encourages us to keep it moving and not compare ourselves to anyone else who may be more advanced.  And you know what?  That’s what I do.  I don’t care how goofy I look in the mirror, I keep moving and I keep sweating and I FEEL GOOD (singing in Mary J’s voice) and then I’m ready to tackle the trampoline portion.  Speaking of world peace and hunger, the tiny goal principle is applicable here too – starting with your local food bank and donating your talents.

Slim Chick signing off until next time!

Fashionably Late

It’s 1:02 a.m. in the morning and the anniversary of  my last day (February 28, 2009) at the Blues (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan) is behind me.   I started this blog almost two years ago to keep myself accountable to my fitness goals.   Recently, I kept telling my girlfriend I needed to start a blog and she would remind me that I already had a blog, “Musings of a Slim Chick.”  Why that name? Well, anybody that knows me, knows that I enjoyed staying physically fit before I had surgery.  Besides, I like to share and encourage others while I’m on my journey and there’s something soothing about the word “muse.”

So here I am, back on my blog grind….officially and fashionably late, of course.  Join me in this journey as I muse about the progress I’ve made with various life goals. When I left the Blues, everyone asked what was I going to do and I told them three things: Get this weight off me (I was huge by my standards), network up on an opportunity (be a social butterfly), and be cute.   Today,  I am here to celebrate that I’ve lost  39 lbs. after being grounded for almost a year in 2008 with foot surgery. Sticking to a diet plan, working with a trainer has made me a lighter and stronger.

I will finish my Master’s in May, 2010 and well….I’m still cute.  The networking part is taking shape and my social life is reviving itself slowly but surely with seven weeks left of school.  I. CAN’T. WAIT. TO. GRADUATE.   No career goals met just yet but when I start looking I’ll keep you posted on what I’ve come up with.  Mainly, I will share all kinds of health and fitness tips, words of inspirations, and things that get me going and hopefully will inspire you on your journey.  I’m excited as I continue to follow through on every gift and idea God has placed inside of me.  Thanks for joining me!