Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ready to graduate


“All the people who come into our lives are there to teach us lessons. Unless you learn the lesson, the same type of people will continue to show up in your life until the cycle is broken. You have to learn the lesson in order to move on.” – Dave Wise





The Look in My Eye


The last day of 2010 and I am so excited about 2011.  I’ve been busy all day putting a resume reel package together to send out so I didn’t move from this computer.   I got the final say from my girl who I knew would be honest and objective about what I was projecting on-camera.  Ironically, I’ve resolved that I’m not making any resolutions just setting goals for 2011.  I haven’t quite meshed them out altogether but I’m grateful that I don’t have 60 pounds I have to lose  and I can cross finishing my first book off my list.  I even got a Master’s despite being a caregiver and advocate for my mom.  But I’m still a divine work in progress and I have several goals I’d like to check off next year.  What I do know is I’ve got to stop procrastinating because every time I finally tackle a huge task, I realize it wasn’t as difficult as I envisioned.  My friend told me she saw a look in my eye that indicated I was ready and focused.  Funny thing because all week I’ve been feeling like I’m ready to fly and I could also see that hungry and focused look in my eye.   I do know this……..I have to blog more (last entry was in March, 2010), write more, love more, live more, do more cardio and lift weights more, push myself out of the way more, risk more and fear less or heck just feel the fear and do it anyway.  I have this recurring vision that God will lovingly fuss at me at the end of life and tell me, “Francyne, I made you for so much more and I gave you extra.” Somehow, I am determined to not let this vision come to pass.  Happy New Year to me and Happy New Year to you!