Nuttin’ but Love

I’m less in shock and more or less just saddened today by Heavy D’s sudden death.  This was one of my favorite videos with models Cynthia Bailey, Beverly Peele, and Rebecca Gayheart featured long before women just wore dental floss and stripper shoes in videos today.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget Chris Tucker’s hilarity.  This video is classic.  Losing people like Heavy D, Smokin’ Joe Frazier and close friends, family, etc,  brings us face to face once again with the truth, “There are no do-overs, this life is IT”  So just do the damn thang, whatever IT is! Take the baby steps and start here where you’re honest with yourself and why you haven’t gone for that dream that lies dormant in your soul.  In his last words on Twitter, “Be inspired.” Rest in peace, Dwight Arrington Myers, we’ve got nuttin’ but love for you.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Greeted with a deluge of emails promising the best deals on massages, pole-dancing classes, party trays, and trips to exotic locales, I was all to anxious to see what each deal held as I opened emails from Groupon, livingsocial, ideeli, and my most recent lure, Myhabit (compliments of Amazon).  I gave into some of those deals which enabled me to check out services at cut-rate prices and even lost out on some of those previously-purchased deals since the coupons expired before I could use them.  That didn’t happen too much but it did make me think twice before clicking on the “buy” button as I didn’t want to waste money.  I get a ton of emails on a daily basis including ones from retail stores that I frequent on a regular basis, 15 percent off here, 30 percent off there, hurry 40 percent – last day to do so.  Lately, I’ve just become overwhelmed and while I was considering “unsubscribing” to a lot of these email deals, I was also admittedly leery of doing so.  I was thinking, “what if I miss that great deal to Paris for 5 nights or that new hot beauty service that’s all the rage?,” “What if I miss a great deal on a pair of shoes that I saw in the mall or that hot dress that’s 50 percent less than it is in the store?”  Well, I thought what if I do, will the world come to an end?  So, slowly but surely as I continue to ease into a “soft” shopping strike, I’ve “unsubscribed” from these daily lures.  Is it permanent? Maybe, maybe not.  Only time will tell but I presently have the peace of knowing that 1) my inbox will be less clogged thus, I’m less overwhelmed about the choice to purchase a pack of this or 2-night that and 2) I will be tempted into spending less money.   We may reunite but for now I’ll pass on that daily deal and opt for a daily dollar saved. In the meantime, I’ll redeem those services/items I’ve already purchased because I really could use a massage. According to Benjamin Franklin, a penny saved is a penny earned.  Indeed it is!