Relapse? Relax, Regroup, Redo, and Revise.

For several months, I proudly wore the “I maintained my weight loss for a year” badge.  Then something happened.  No, I didn’t gain it all back.  I fell into a “happy weight” phase where you’re “kee-keeing” with you new boo, eating out, cooking and it’s all good.  Then another thing happened.  Mom  suffered cardiac arrest in July 2011.  I was happy and stressed at the same time.  Then another thing happened.  The holidays came  along with cardio-boredom.  My publicist asked me what stopped me from regaining 20, 30, 40 and 50 lbs. vs. the minimal weight gain I was lamenting about and I realized I was committed to weight maintenance for life.  I remembered I had to embrace the “new normal,” a term I coined in my upcoming book, “Fit and Fab for Life.”  Yes, it’s still coming so hold your horses!  Even if my relapse had been a greater weight gain, I would somehow have to find the courage to get back to what I had done to get it off.  I needed to re-read my own book draft and reapply those same principle to release it.  Here’s how to get back to your former weight.  First, RELAX.  This is a lifelong journey and you have to keep at this for the rest of your life.  If eating late at night helped you pack on the pounds before and you’ve backslid to that old habit, the old normal.  The new normal might have been not eating two hours before going to bed.  Well, it’s probably a good guess that the new normal will help you get it off and keep it off.  Second, REGROUP.  Chances are you’ve allowed your needs to take a backseat to everyone else.  Release the guilt and find the courage to embrace an agenda that puts you at the top of the list.  Third, REDO.  If you were successful doing it this way then chances are you’ll be successful doing it this way again.  In “Fit and Fab for Life,” I’ve outlined 50 tried and true tips that one can use whether they’re releasing weight or maintaining weight release.   Whether it ‘s 5, 10 or 15 lbs. that you’ve gained, you can probably look at what you’ve done in the past to release a lot of weight and apply it now.  REVISE.  Even if what you did in the past is successful, you are definitely opened to new ideas and possibilities.  For example, if you’re used to walking on the treadmill everyday for 45 minutes, then God bless you and subject to suffer from cardio-boredom.  But if you remain flexible and welcome alternative cardio activities, you will actually stick with your fitness regimen in the long run because you’ve added variety to your program and after all variety is the spice of a fit and fab life!