Fashionably Late

The goal was to start blogging again beginning September 1, 2014.  Well, that didn’t happen and here I am fashionably late, approximately two days late.  I vacillated about the direction of my blog and then suddenly the urge to have my say hit me.  This decision was long overdue but I’m here with a semi-solid plan to talk about whatever suits me as a “lifestyle blogger!”  From now on,  I’ll blog about anything that pretty much moves me on a daily basis, from fashion, beauty, health and wellness,  current events and everything in between that I’m passionate about. With that in mind, I hope to leave you a little more enlightened, empowered, informed, and even amused at times.  So, I guess it’s OK to be fashionably late to your own party if you leave your guests with something to remember, ponder and even muse about.  Until next time, be well and be loved!