Push Through

It’s November in Michigan – just a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. When it gets cold, it easy to want to shut down and hibernate through the pending Winter months.  However, I’ve got some goals brewing that I should have put more energy towards completing before this cold weather started to set in but I digress.  I am choosing to push through to the end of the year so that my momentum is in full swing come 2016.  I have my bouts of self-disicipline but other times I need a little push and I recognize when it’s time to call on others to help me get there. I’ve had several conversations with friends where they’re craving CHANGE in a mighty way and they’re in reflective mode like myself on how to manifest that.  It’s been a minute since I blogged (like a year) but to let me fingers tap the keyboard feels good.  Someone once said, “be willing to do what others aren’t and that will set you apart” or maybe it was me talking to myself.   I’ll keep this brief and short since I have to get ready to work but I shall return sooner than later.   My mind is brewing about hosting an “end of the year” accountability group of sorts and not necessarily one just focused on fitness.  God knows they’re so many out there now and I’m not sure of the nature just yet but I’ll think about it a little bit more and then decide.  Until then, push through my loves.  I’m routing for you!