En-VISION-ing My Best Life Yet

Vision Board 2016I don’t think I’ve ever completed a vision board that included so much of what I’d like to manifest in my life before.  I mean I created a board that I kept in my cubicle before I left corporate America in 2009 and some things did come to past but an actual board that took me a little over half the day to complete.  I had poured so much of myself and what I desired on that board that I literally could not move afterwards because I was exhausted and I slept like a baby.  Last year or maybe it was the year before last, I had purchased the materials to create one but never did.  Dang procrastination.  I was determined to finish this one after I attended a vision board party two days before the new year.  It was so helpful and the information they provided was enough fuel for me to complete what I started.

I had created a vision/mission statement for myself in September, 2015 and those words served as a guiding force to what I wanted to create.  One of the facilitators applauded me for doing this and advised me to create my board from those words and create a twelve month action plan.  I arrived late so some people were way ahead of me as far as completing their vision boards.  I was determined to paste something that represented my vision statement before I left that party.  Days after I would cut various pictures from a slew of magazines I brought home from the party.  I screen shot a lot of pics from my phone and subsequently sent them to Walmart to be processed as I knew they would represent what I needed to see on a daily basis, including things that seemed impossible and unattainable but weren’t really with the right strategy.

A dear friend asked me how I felt now that I’ve completed my vision board and the truth is I feel a sense of clarity and direction.  I’m a storyteller, a writer with a strong visual sense so this project spoke to who I am naturally.  What’s next? The best life I’ve ever imagined because I can see it and I can make it happen.  Now, let’s a raise a glass to a “Sweet 16.” Cheers!