It’s OK to say “NO!”

Say-NoHappy Spring Bellas.  It’s April and it’s a rainy day here in Michigan but I’ll take the rain over snow which we had a couple of weeks ago.  I’m still fighting a cold and since getting caught in the rain is what got me sick in the first place, I’m sitting still for now and working on my day off for “Fran, Inc.”  I started a writing business earlier this month and in my zeal to get started, I took on a client that I “thought” I could handle along with everything else I had going on.  When we initially met, everything that this person required seemed possible but what seems good in theory is not always good in practice.

He needed a personal assistant, a cheerleader, an accountability partner and a social media specialist and I realized I can’t realistically do  everything he is required and tend to my own goals and dreams.  I heard what he needed and I was providing him with some pretty viable solutions.  The problem is that person wasn’t meant to be me because I needed the same things he needed plus daily foot rubs.  This experience helped me become very clear about what I wanted to do regarding my business.  I didn’t want to take long term clients that required more of me that I was willing to give and lose myself in the process.  So, a week later, I “quit” and the moment I did I felt better immediately.  I realized I wasn’t interested in managing someone else’s affairs.

I tend to become distracted at times with the noblest of requests and truth is, I can’t afford to get caught in the crossfires of someone else’s stuff.  It’s OK to be selfish and it’s OK to say “NO.”  It doesn’t mean you’re not strong.  In fact, your strength lies more in your ability to access the situation and if it’s going to be more taxing than you anticipated, let that “shet” go.  When I’ve said ‘NO,” people managed to survive without my help.  That’s not to say that I’m not a badass as far as my skills are concerned but I have nothing prove to anyone taking on more than I need to.  Time is precious and I’d rather do things that allow me to be at peace with myself and not at odds.  Being fit doesn’t mean just working out and eating right although those are important.  Being fit also means managing you and your stress and quickly reducing anything that will stress you unnecessarily.  My mother used to always say that “all money ain’t good money” and it’s true.  I was looking forward to that weekly “stipend” but I realized it wasn’t worth the headache.    It’s OK to say “NO” and it’s OK to change your mind.

Until next time, be good Bellas!





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