Social media detox


Art courtesy of Melia Hotel Bahamas
Blame it on the sunny beaches in Bahamas that left me wanting to travel even more, see the world, discover new artists, and read books again. My social media hiatus has been long overdue and six days in, I’ve managed to not check my accounts as much so I haven’t totally checked out but I did delete everything from phone forcing me to go through my browser. 

Besides taking more vacations this year – Vegas, D.C., a BeyoncĂ© concert with my sister, and Jamaica, I’m endeavoring to become more mindful. Slowing down a bit has its rewards.  Learning how to balance my time on social media with real life demands is the goal. I love technology especially since this WordPress app allows me to blog from my phone but I don’t feel the need to capture every moment on my phone and post it. My selfies are at an all-time low right now but I’m working on myself – changing my underemployed status; finding work in my field; finding my niche and building my brand; learning how to have an impact; enjoying the challenge of writing for others and working on my next book; maintaining my health and fitness; purposely showing love to my family and friends; focusing and remembering how much God is really in control and His love continually keeps me; and discovering myself as I age fearfully and gratefully.  

I’m excited and have joyful expectations about this next chapter and I’m here for it. My friend said it best “sometimes you have to step back, to go forward!” Until next time, be well!