The Art of Lip Service


Kacey Kristen
KaceyKal & Kristen Noel Crawley


When beauty columnist Kristen Noel Crawley couldn’t find an all-natural lip mask, she decided to create her own.  After many trial and errors, she perfected the product that would deliver a kissable pout.  Her lip masks are natural and infused with collagen.  They work to smooth and plump flaky lips. I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks which tend to be drying so these are a welcome addition to my skin care regimen.  Fans of the pretty pink masks include Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thomas, celebrity makeup artists and Kim Kardashian West, “I love to use KNC lip masks before an event for my makeup prep. They keep my lips super soft and moisturized. Plus they’re so fun to use!” 

Crawley recently partnered with a young up-and-coming artist, KaceyKal.  He designed the packaging for the lip masks.  This collaboration came about after they connected on Instagram.  They recently launched the lip mask/pouch combo earlier this week.  We’re moving into the Summer months and these lip masks are sure to keep your lips soft and pucker-ready.  The lip masks come in packs of 5 for $24.99 and 10 for $39.99.  Go to and order yours today as the combo is available for a limited amount of time.  Ciao, Bellas!




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