20 Reasons Why

African American Woman Holding a Weighing Scale - Isolated


After taking a job where I’m sitting most of the time and enjoying my share of peanut M&Ms that are plentiful in the office for the last three months, I gained a noticeable weight. This was on top of the fluffy winter jacket that attached itself to me.  Additionally, I called myself trying a low-carb diet and failed miserably.  It’s not to say low-carb diets don’t work.  In fact, anything can work if you commit to it.  It just wasn’t for me.   So at the beginning of May, I made a decision to enlist Medical Weight Loss as my accountability partner.  I’d been successful with them in the past so it was a no-brainer.  As of today, the last day of May, I’ve lost approximately 11 lbs.  Yay, me! As a motivator to stay focused, I created a list a long time ago of “Whys” for me.  They’re different for everybody but remembering why you’ve started something can certainly help you along the journey to get to where you’re going.  So, here’s my list:

1.  I like wearing what I want to wear.

2.  I like going to the store and everything I try on fits.

3.  I like looking really small on camera.

4.  I enjoy my body much better when I’m smaller.

5.  I feel healthier and I look healthier.

6.  I feel more confident when my weight is at 156 then 215.

7.  It reinforces my brand and I look more credible as an expert.

8.  I have too many clothes that I want to wear and I look so much better.

9.  I like my face at smaller size when I weigh less.

10.  I look taller.

11.  I don’t want to always have to wear Spanx.

12.  I look younger

13.  I can pull off so many styles.

14.  I move better when I’m lighter.

15. It’s less stress on my joints.

16.  I want to be an example to others.

17.  I want to look good in my wedding gown.

18.  I want to be able to model my own fitness wear.

19.  It makes getting dressed for work, dates, events soooooo much easier.

20.  It’s healthier for my heart and other organs.

I’m not advocating a certain size for everyone.  This is just my personal best and as I write in my book, “personal best is personal” and any other suggestions gets a juicy “KMA!” I stopped apologize for the person I want to be and the person I’m becoming.  It’s such a joy to walk in that liberty.  So, what’s your why for getting in shape and/or staying in shape? Drop me a line, I’d love to know.  Ciao, until next time!


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