Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal Plan

My girlfriend texted me this morning and asked what I eat for breakfast.  After I replied, she indicated she’s not really sure what to eat so she’s mimicking everyone else’s diet.  One of the perks of working with Medical Weight Loss, was I learned how to plan my meals by basically picking from various food groups, like protein, vegetables and starches.  This approach is super easy and even makes it easy to grocery shop.  Below you will find a meal plan where you can easily select items based on your preferences.

This is the meal plan is similar to the one I’m currently using.  It’s pretty straightforward.  I didn’t put together a plan where you should eat this on that day, etc. as everyone’s tastes are different.  However, what I loved about this plan was I kept it simple and just chose something from each food group.   You want to include a protein for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for sure a every meal and protein is optional for your snacks.  Those can be something that is more or less a protein like Greek yogurt, 12 almonds, cottage cheese, or a protein drink (low-sugar of course).  Get the water in, get the activity in as well.  Remember no, negative self-talk.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made with many great qualities, some you haven’t even discovered yet.  If you need a little more help, then comment below and we can discuss setting up a meal plan for you.  Otherwise, hang in there!   

Here’s the plan:

Breakfast:  Starch and Protein

Snack         Fruit or Protein

Lunch        Starch, Protein, Veggie (2)

Snack         Fruit or Protein

Dinner       Protein, Veggie (1)


You can choose from the following items.


Steak, Ground Sirloin, 2.5 oz.  (not more than twice a week)

Chicken, Ground Turkey , Turkey Breast  (4 oz.)

Fish (5 oz.)

Tuna (water-packed – 4 oz.) no more than 3 times a week

Egg whites (6)

Eggs (2)


Veggies – 1 cup of everything

Fruits – everything except bananas and grapes


Air popped popcorn

Akmak Cracker

Diet Bread Sticks

Pasta 1/2 cup

1/2 Baked Sweet Potato

Lo-Cal Bread

Brown Rice

Lo-Cal Hamburger Buns

Brown rice, pasta and potato may not be eaten on the same day!


Water – 64 oz to a gallon

Caffeinated tea or coffee – 2 cups a day

Decaf coffee

Herb tea



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