Hey look, I’m on TV, as in TV One!

It was almost a year ago, I received an email from a production company to be a journalist/expert on the show “For My Man” which airs on TV One.  They initially tried to contact me through my blog where my girlfriend Christie was an administrator.  The phone number I had on the blog had expired so they contacted her.  She sent it to me and I contacted the producer right way who found me on LinkedIn.  Unfortunately, they had found someone else and I wished them on their show.  A day later, they contacted me and was interested in still utilizing me.

They sent me a ton of legal documents, records, etc. to peruse and familiarize myself with the story.  It was a lot of information to digest in a short period of time but I was excited for the opportunity.  A few days later, I was inside a conference room at the The Henry Hotel, formerly the Ritz Carlton, in Dearborn, being powdered, spritzed with hair spray and positioned for various angles.  I think I was there approximately four hours.  I was asked a ton of questions about the story upon which they would take my answers and edit as they saw fit.  It was grueling and fun at the same time.  I guess they liked my work because they contacted me again to do a second episode.  I asked them during this taping when the first episode would air and they gave me an approximate time frame but to be honest I had forgotten about it.

I hadn’t received advance notice of the air date but thankfully some of my Facebook friends alerted me that I was on television and that’s when I caught the tail end of my episode.  Understanding how things work behind the scenes gives you a greater appreciation for the process.  I’m grateful for the opportunity and look forward to watching the second episode.  For now, here’s the first show.  You’ll also recognize our favorite WWJ News Reporter, Vickie Thomas in the second episode.



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