Life & Style with Francyne – James Bronner, Trade Show Director, Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show

August is National Black Business Month and this long-standing business is sure to inspire the new entrepreneur as well as those who have been in the trenches building their own empires. On Episode 25 of Life & Style with Francyne, my special guest was James Bronner, Trade Show Director or the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show, the largest multicultural beauty show in the world. The show brings $60 million of revenue into the city of Atlanta annually, attracting over 30,000 attendees twice a year. Due to COVID-19, the show was originally scheduled for August but has been moved to September and will be a virtual event. After 74 years in the business, the company has seen its share of challenges.

This was a great conversation, James spoke about the adversity his father, Dr. Nathaniel Bronner Sr. met when he had to relocate after the Klu Klux Klan burned his family’s house down twice. You have to tune in to see how much money he had in his pocket to rebuild. For the past seven decades, a member of the Bronner Family has led the helm of the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. As the youngest brother of the Bronner family, in the company James serves as Show Director, board member, part owner and Director of Technology.

At the age of 27, James accepted his call to the ministry and became the youth pastor of the Ark of Salvation. He and his wife, Stephanie, were both ordained in the same service and serve together in ministry. Having seven children in their first ten years of marriage they coauthored a book about marriage entitled Bedroom Talk. James and Stephanie live in Atlanta, GA with their children: Jeoshua, John, Joseph, Jamie, Jenesis, Jasmine, and Jade.

For more information about the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show in September, go to

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