Life & Style with Francyne – Kimle Nailer, Founder – Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

In Episode 107 of #LifeandStylewithFrancyne, Host Francyne Walker sits down with Kimle Nailer, owner of Nail-Rite Construction, who has managed to combine her passion for construction, real estate and empowering women in a unique way. She founded Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Self-Improvement Simply Takes Education Redevelopment & Sincerity.) ten years ago. The organization will be celebrating its 10th anniversary during an event “Real Women Like Us” on November 17th. We talk about her journey, wealth-building, real estate and how she’s showing woman how to get money like Cardi B. Okur!!!!! Check out the flyer below for more information on her upcoming event on November 17th.  Thanks for watching!

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Life & Style with Francyne – Latrice Delgado-Macon, The Styling Closet

Episode 105 of #LifeandStylewithFrancyne features special guest Personal stylist and Fashion Group International-Detroit Regional Director, Latrice Delgado-Macon, founder of The Styling Closet. Latrice’s passion for style and fashion started as a little girl and followed her into the music video world. Learn how this young beautiful women’s ambition enabled her to turn a crisis into a golden opportunity. We talk style, fashion, sexy trends and a little Maxwell. Yes, Maxwell. Check out the interview and thanks for watching!



Life & Style with Francyne – Sandra Epps, Sandy’s Land Entertainment

Episode 105 of #LifeandStylewithFrancyne features special guest Sandra Epps, founder of Sandy’s Land Entertainment. She is a Lupus survivor and one of the hardest working women in Detroit, taking care of business, from her premiere face and body painting to the numerous events she organizes to empower women and children. We sit and chat about her upcoming Detroit Doll Show which is in its seventh year and we learn how she balances everything as an entrepreneur. We also learn what’s on her wish list to help her business grow.  We wish her well on her future endeavor as well as the success of the show which I have attended in the past.  You are in for a treat. Check out the flyer below for more information.  Thanks for watching!



Life & Style with Francyne – Tamika Cheree Henry, Founder – I Am Here

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I wanted to give my dear friend Tamika Cheree Henry, an opportunity to tell the story of losing her beautiful 21-year-old daughter to a domestic violence situation three years ago.  Jazmyne Gibson was Tamika’s only daughter who had a wide network of family and friends who loved her immensely.  She held so much promise as a young, enterprising student.  I spoke with Tamika about her unimaginable loss and how she’s turning that heartache into healing for others that have suffered like herself.

Tamika has planned a charity event in Jazzy’s honor to raise money for her newly formed non-profit organization, “I Am Here.”  For more information and to purchase tickets you can to and search for “A Jazzy Affair.”

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If you are in a domestic abuse relationship and need help, please know that you are not alone.  The phone number for the National Domestic Violence Abuse Hotline is 1-800-799-7233. It is free and confidential.


Hey look, I’m on TV, as in TV One!

It was almost a year ago, I received an email from a production company to be a journalist/expert on the show “For My Man” which airs on TV One.  They initially tried to contact me through my blog where my girlfriend Christie was an administrator.  The phone number I had on the blog had expired so they contacted her.  She sent it to me and I contacted the producer right way who found me on LinkedIn.  Unfortunately, they had found someone else and I wished them on their show.  A day later, they contacted me and was interested in still utilizing me.

They sent me a ton of legal documents, records, etc. to peruse and familiarize myself with the story.  It was a lot of information to digest in a short period of time but I was excited for the opportunity.  A few days later, I was inside a conference room at the The Henry Hotel, formerly the Ritz Carlton, in Dearborn, being powdered, spritzed with hair spray and positioned for various angles.  I think I was there approximately four hours.  I was asked a ton of questions about the story upon which they would take my answers and edit as they saw fit.  It was grueling and fun at the same time.  I guess they liked my work because they contacted me again to do a second episode.  I asked them during this taping when the first episode would air and they gave me an approximate time frame but to be honest I had forgotten about it.

I hadn’t received advance notice of the air date but thankfully some of my Facebook friends alerted me that I was on television and that’s when I caught the tail end of my episode.  Understanding how things work behind the scenes gives you a greater appreciation for the process.  I’m grateful for the opportunity and look forward to watching the second episode.  For now, here’s the first show.  You’ll also recognize our favorite WWJ News Reporter, Vickie Thomas in the second episode.




Life & Style with Francyne – Jamon Jordan, Founder – Black Scroll Network History & Tours

History helps us learn where we came from and why things are the way they are in the present.  In fact, it helps to navigate towards to the future.  In Episode 103 of #LifeandStylewithFrancyne features special guest, educator/historian Jamon Jordan, founder of Black Scroll Network History and Tours. Jamon talks about the importance of learning about Black history and why so much of it has been obscured. Learn how he’s using his passion for history and conducting tours to uncover a lot of Detroit’s history you’d be surprised to learn. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment on my YouTube channel.  Thanks for watching!


Life & Style with Francyne – Sonja Moffett, Creator of

It’s now more crucial than ever to ensure you vote especially with the mid-term elections coming. Episode 102 of #LifeandStylewithFrancyne features special guest author, career coach and trainer Sonja Moffett, founder and creator of  I sat down with her to discuss why she created the website including mobilizing young Black voters. She also talks about the short term and long term goals for the website. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment on my YouTube channel.  Thanks for watching!




Life & Style with Francyne – Raquel R. Robinson, “Mama Hustle Coach”

Fall is a perfect time to retreat inside and reflect about the current direction of your life as we close out the end of the year.  In Episode 101 of “Life & Style with Francyne,” I sit down with my good friend Raquel R. Robinson, also known as “Mama Hustle Coach.” She talks about the importance of having a life coach as well as the difference between a life coach and a therapist.  I’m excited to share my first interview with you.  Take a look and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment on my YouTube channel.  Thanks for watching!


Ford VIP Reception kicks off 2018 NAIAS

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a VIP Private Reception for the 2018 North American International Auto Show sponsored by Ford Motor Company, held at the UAW-Ford Headquarters in Detroit.  The auto show is an annual gem and treat for Detroit.  Speaking of treats, Grammy Award-nominated singer Ro James provided an intimate performance for journalists, tastemakers and style influencers.

James wasn’t the only star in the building.  We were also able to catch a preview of some of new 2019 Ford vehicles.

WXYZ-TV Anchor Glenda Lewis was the emcee for the event.  She is still one of the nicest people you ever want to meet.  We had one of those ‘girlfriend” moments remembering her mom, legendary WXYZ-TV Anchor Diana Lewis who has since retired but is not forgotten.

From shrimp cocktail on ice to sexy cocktails on the rocks, the event was a nice prelude to what’s to come for the next two weeks.  Fasten your seat belt, the 2018 NAIAS is sure to take us for the ride of our lives.  The auto show opens to the public on Saturday, January 20, 2017.


Newly chartered Rotary Club parties with a purpose

Southfield Rotary Club pic
Photo courtesy of Southfield Area Rotary Club

The newly chartered Southfield Area Rotary Club’s (SARC) first fundraising event took place on Saturday, September 30th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Southfield, Michigan. The event entitled “Party with a Purpose – Empowering Youth” raised monies to partner with the Southfield Youth Assistance organization for the purpose of mentoring youth, ages 12-18. Brandon Marsh, President of the Southfield Area Rotary Club, says chartering the club happened very quickly. “Toward the end of February this year, we began a journey to charter a Rotary Club in Southfield to empower the youth community. We did so with just a quarter of the people most clubs require, and hit 20 members within 3 months,” Marsh said. It should be noted that it normally takes about six months but within that time frame they had a diverse group of 58 charter members. Marsh added “In addition to being the first club to charter in our district in 5 years, the club has become the 7th largest club in the district, and continue to be one of the most diverse of all 52 clubs district-wide.”


Photo courtesy of Southfield Area Rotary Club

At least 200 people, including dignataries, were in attendance for dinner and dancing to celebrate the newly chartered Southfield Area Rotary Club including Southfield mayor Dr. Kenson J. Siver. “I’m overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm for the rotary club and it’s certainly a rebirth for so many,” said Mayor Siver. John W. Barfield, founder of Bartech, and a major sponsor of the event, was especially proud of Brandon Marsh, President of the Southfield Rotary Club. Barfield, author of the book “Starting from Scratch: The Humble Beginnings of a Two Billion-Dollar Enterprise,” said that the rotary club started in his living room many years ago and that he mentored Brandon a long time ago. “I introduced Brandon Marsh to the Rotary Club some years ago and I listened to him talk about this dream and my wife was a part of those conversations and tonight we’re celebrating a brand new Rotary Club.”

Brandon and Mr. Barfield
John Barfield and Brandon Marsh

Barfield, a forty-year Rotarian, helped raised approximately $565,000.00 to provide polio vaccinations for needy children. Other attendees included people like Cristen Prkic, who became a charter member of the Southfield Rotary Club, and shared that her father actually cried when she told him. Her father, Thomas Gorang, is another long-time Rotarian, who served as the President of three rotary clubs. Mario Fachini, owner of Business Growth Strategies, was especially excited about the new Southfield Rotary Club.

Cristen and dad Thomas Gorang
Newly chartered member Cristen Prkic and her dad Thomas Gorang

After dinner, several members from other rotary clubs talked about their various experiences of service including one teenager who traveled to Peru to help the less privileged. Additionally, the Ann Arbor Rotary Club shared their experiences and the projects they had worked on in the past. Past District Governor Michael Angelo Caruso presented Southfield Rotary club with their charter and members of the Southfield Area Rotary Club were officially inducted. Charter club member and owner of Option Insurance Group, Alvin Lynn III, was excited about the new Rotary Club. “The synergy between the Southfield community and the new Southfield Area Rotary Club (SARC) is electrifying! I am personally honored to be a chartered SARC member, with a mission to serve our youth in the Southfield community,” Lynn said.

Alvin Lynn III and his wife Agatha

The Southfield Area Rotary Club is focused on empowering local youth and they evaluate everything they do against Rotary’s code of ethics called the “The 4-way Test.” It asks four simple but crucial questions about any plan of actions.

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friends?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The Rotary Club’s motto is “Service Above Self.” In addition to Bartech, other sponsors of the event included Option Insurance Group, University of Phoenix, Southfield Chamber of Commerce, SEMEA (South East Michigan Entrepreneurs Association), Events to Remember, Southfield Youth Assistance and Artcraft Management Group.

Youth causes has been a primary mission for Rotarians around t…he globe, from finding ways to provide clean water for children in Africa or eradicate debilitating diseases like polio in India. The Southfield Area Rotary Club is committed to those causes, especially at a local level. Our primary mission is to empower the Southfield youth community, especially the underserved. Visit to learn more about the exciting work our Rotarians are doing in the Southfield community