My Book


After losing 60 lbs., people asked Francyne the same question many times, “How are you going to keep it (the weight) off?” While the question made sense, she was still puzzled by it and decided to chronicle everything that helped her reach her goals.  Hence, the idea for her first book, “Fit and Fab for Life” was born.  With the same determination and focus she used to lose weight, she wrote her first book on a yellow legal pad while sitting stuck in an airport, after she missed her flight.  “Fit and Fab for Life” is a collection of 50 tips that promise to help readers get fit and be fabulous for life.  She founded Fit and Fab Enterprises, LLC and her mission for the company to is merchandise products and spread a philosophy that inspires others to get fit and be fabulous for in every area of their life. She believes that being fit is integral to being healthy and leading quality lives.

Books are $18.95 (S&H) and includes a free trip package.   Click on the link to place your order and please include your address