Life & Style with Francyne – Erica Wilson, CEO & Founder of 88 Blessings Foundation

Today, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the most loving women you ever want to meet – Erica Wilson. Erica is the mother of two handsome sons, Darryl and Allen. Her son Allen Hurns is a WR for the Miami Dolphins. The both of them set up a foundation called 88 Blessings ( According to the website, the mission of 88 Blessings is:

A foundation that offers advice, resources and a support system to single parents. The goals are to build a community that offers advice, resources, and a support system to re-focus their energy, solve their financial problems, or grow a business to provide for their families.

Ultimately, 88 Blessings wants to send a clear message to single working parents that they have others to lean on for help, both financially and emotionally.

Single parents are not alone, although it may feel that way. Society sends out messages that you must have done something wrong to be in the position that you’re in and you have to deal with that alone. Not true! You are not alone.

Circumstances can and will change–they simply need a helping hand. Please support this important cause… be a Blessing to someone in need!

We talked about everything from her upbringing, the trials of being single mother and ultimately triumphing and giving back, even in the midst of a pandemic. Check out what Erica had to say. If you’d like to donate to 88 Blessings, click the link above.

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