Life & Style with Francyne – Crystal P., Comedienne, Actress, Singer and Model

I had an opportunity to hang out with Crystal P is Crazee on #lifeandstylewithfrancyne She has performed alongside some of the top comedians and comediennes in the business. She is a woman of many talents. Her life-like cakes are exquisite (I should know, she made one for my birthday once). She is one of the humanitarians I’ll be highlighting through the rest of the year. Crystal gave Rona the middle finger and creatively pivoted from not only have a round-the-clock virtual comedy show featuring other comedians. She has started conducting classes teaching young bakers how to make their own delectable treats. We talked about how she was discovered and has turned her love for the stage into a platform helping others realize their dreams.


Life & Style with Francyne – Dr. Daniel (Dr. Dan) Fagbuyi – Pediatric Emergency Physician and Biodefense Expert

It seems to be a push to reopen schools. Some cite it as fear and not caution or wisdom. I’m excited to have Dr. Daniel Fagbuyi (known as Dr. Dan to his patients) on the show. He’s an ER Physician and Obama Administration Biodefense Appointee who played an instrumental role in disaster response, recovery, and public policies for H1N1 and Anthrax. We talked about schools reopening and how parents should proceed, pediatric COVID and vaccines.


Life & Style with Francyne – KaceyKal, Artist

The gift of motherhood outweighs every gift I could ever receive for my birthday. I sat down with my son KaceyKal to talk about police brutality and racial injustice. He’s been painting since he was about five years old and hasn’t stopped. He’s done work for international publications as well as local publications such as Essence magazine. His work is devoted to the aesthetic of Black women, whom that he feels aren’t appreciated enough. We’ll talk about some of his artistic influences and where he sees his art going in the future.


Life & Style with Francyne – Dr. DeLorean Griffin, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, St. Mary Mercy Hospital

I’m so excited to finally have Dr. DeLorean Griffin as a guest for the Weekend Edition of #lifeandstylewithfrancyne. Dr. Griffin is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Michigan. He is the only African American male plastic surgeon in the Metro Detroit area and one in approximately 150 surgeons in the country. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and focuses on breast and body contouring following massive weight loss. He also performs up to date breast reconstruction and complex reconstruction for trauma. He completed his medical school education at Wayne State School of Medicine and his residency at the Detroit Medical Center.

During his training he received the highest in-service exam score in his program two consecutive years in a row and was promoted to Chief Administrative Resident. He has won several awards including the Best Breast Reconstruction resident presentation at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Conference in 2014. Dr. Griffin also single handedly won the resident Jeopardy competition in Mackinac, MI. Dr. Griffin is dedicated to educating residents and students in the field of plastic surgery and is active in the community and abroad. Dr. Griffin currently serves on the executive board of the Detroit Medical Society and is a financial member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. He is wonderful husband to my girl Tiffany and proud father to a son and daughter.

If you’d like to contact Dr. Griffin, please click the link below.


Life & Style with Francyne – James Bronner, Trade Show Director, Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show

August is National Black Business Month and this long-standing business is sure to inspire the new entrepreneur as well as those who have been in the trenches building their own empires. On Episode 25 of Life & Style with Francyne, my special guest was James Bronner, Trade Show Director or the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show, the largest multicultural beauty show in the world. The show brings $60 million of revenue into the city of Atlanta annually, attracting over 30,000 attendees twice a year. Due to COVID-19, the show was originally scheduled for August but has been moved to September and will be a virtual event. After 74 years in the business, the company has seen its share of challenges.

This was a great conversation, James spoke about the adversity his father, Dr. Nathaniel Bronner Sr. met when he had to relocate after the Klu Klux Klan burned his family’s house down twice. You have to tune in to see how much money he had in his pocket to rebuild. For the past seven decades, a member of the Bronner Family has led the helm of the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. As the youngest brother of the Bronner family, in the company James serves as Show Director, board member, part owner and Director of Technology.

At the age of 27, James accepted his call to the ministry and became the youth pastor of the Ark of Salvation. He and his wife, Stephanie, were both ordained in the same service and serve together in ministry. Having seven children in their first ten years of marriage they coauthored a book about marriage entitled Bedroom Talk. James and Stephanie live in Atlanta, GA with their children: Jeoshua, John, Joseph, Jamie, Jenesis, Jasmine, and Jade.

For more information about the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show in September, go to


Life & Style with Francyne – Jeffery Taylor, CCFS and Financial Strategist

In Episode 26 of “Life & Style with Francyne,” I sit down with Jeffrey Taylor, CCFS to talk about his upcoming seminar “Learn How to Never Run Out of Money,” Learn how Mr. Taylor helps people position their savings in early buy out scenarios to never run out of money and get out of debt fast despite the need to use some of the money for transitioning into retirement or their next career! Are you ready to learn how to never run out of money? To register for the free seminar, click the link below:


Life & Style with Francyne – Erica Wilson, CEO & Founder of 88 Blessings Foundation

Today, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the most loving women you ever want to meet – Erica Wilson. Erica is the mother of two handsome sons, Darryl and Allen. Her son Allen Hurns is a WR for the Miami Dolphins. The both of them set up a foundation called 88 Blessings ( According to the website, the mission of 88 Blessings is:

A foundation that offers advice, resources and a support system to single parents. The goals are to build a community that offers advice, resources, and a support system to re-focus their energy, solve their financial problems, or grow a business to provide for their families.

Ultimately, 88 Blessings wants to send a clear message to single working parents that they have others to lean on for help, both financially and emotionally.

Single parents are not alone, although it may feel that way. Society sends out messages that you must have done something wrong to be in the position that you’re in and you have to deal with that alone. Not true! You are not alone.

Circumstances can and will change–they simply need a helping hand. Please support this important cause… be a Blessing to someone in need!

We talked about everything from her upbringing, the trials of being single mother and ultimately triumphing and giving back, even in the midst of a pandemic. Check out what Erica had to say. If you’d like to donate to 88 Blessings, click the link above.


Life & Style with Francyne – Tamela Clarke, Owner of Fashion Savvy Beauty Bar

Fashion is always in season and Tamela Clarke has built her brand on it. She’s not just a dreamer, but she’s a doer. Learn how she built her beauty business @fashionsavvybeautybar from scratch and opened her full-service beauty salon in 2018. Despite our shelter in place orders, she’s been creative in sustaining her business. Tune in to hear how this savvy entrepreneur does it.

For some super cute items from her “Detroit Gal” apparel to hand-picked items that reflect Tamela’s impeccable taste, click her website below:


Life & Style with Francyne – Lakisha Watson-Moore, Creator of “Bougie Black Girl”

#LifeandStylewithFrancyne sat down with Lakisha Watson-Moore, founder of Bougie Black Girl – her blog has close to 60,000 followers. She advocates for the well-being of Black women in every aspect of their lives, from self-care to wholeness. She’s a mother, politico and fitness enthusiast. We’re delving into the erasure of Black women like Breanna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, and Korryn Gaines, from the conversation of racial injustice and police brutality. We talk about the Presidential election and the importance of running for office to change the policy and laws.


Life & Style with Francyne – Vince McCraw, President, Detroit Chapter – NABJ

The Black Male Media Project is initiative that was founded by the National Association of Black Journalist. I chatted with Detroit Chapter NABJ President Vincent McCraw, to talk about the webinar “Black Men in Entrepreneurship.” DC-NABJ that will focus on how black male business owners are portrayed in local media and how black businesses are sustaining during the COVID-19 crisis. We will discuss what you can expect during this power-packed event. Given the current climate, you don’t want to miss this!