Gloria Ward, Self-Love Expert and Founder, “I’m Loving Me Project”

Gloria Ward is an Entrepreneur, Revenue Strategist, Author, and New Thought Leader who has been at the forefront of helping women and women business owners learn, grow and profit. She’s the revenue strategist that small businesses seek for guidance. For more than 12 years, clients have enjoyed the confidence, humor, and relatable step by step strategies of her business advice and tactics.

Her company, The L.E.A.P. Group LLC, is a personal development and business education company that inspires and empowers women to win the game of life and build a million-dollar business from scratch. Gloria is a software engineer by trade. Receiving her bachelors and masters in Computer Science from Clark- Atlanta University, Gloria caught the entrepreneur bug and started a small IT firm where she started out building and fixing college kids computers and went on to managing and designing computer networks and software for fortune 100 companies.

With the success of her IT firm, she found herself in the late 2000’s delving into digital marketing and social media. She found a business mentor who took her under his wing and went on to produce E-books, and digital courses that generated over one million dollars in revenue. It was Gloria’s passion for business and down to earth approach that has made her the most sought out female entrepreneur of her era. Gloria is a Big lover of music and lives in Atlanta Georgia, where she’s is a mom of two four- legged creatures.

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